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  • Dear John
    Im glad that you enjoyed the illustration of the ‘Invicta’. I’m afraid we only mainly hold material on the village of St Margaret’s near Dover so cannot help you further with the Norfolks, but it looks as if there is material on the internet. Heres a link I found just by putting 7th Norfolks Service in google. There were others. I hope that helps.
    best wishes
    St Margaret’s History Society

    By Christine Waterman (08/09/2022)
  • Sirs, really enjoyed the details of Invicta ferry, my Great uncle sail on her with the 7th Norfolks Service battalion
    we believe, sometime in 1915, killed on the Somme at
    the Hohenzollern Redoubt 13.10.1915, do you have records of when the Norfolks embarked date and any other
    info’ concerning the Regiment.
    Thanks v m and kindest rgds
    John Brooks

  • Hi Ruth
    Thanks for getting back to me. We do have a copy of the photo and the obituary but thanks for thinking of us. The one on the beach is one of my favourites
    best wishes

    By Christine Waterman (09/11/2021)
  • I have 2 pictures to send you regarding James Powell my great great grandfather .One is of him and 2 others sitting on a log down at the waterfront. I got this picture when I was in St. Margarets Bay years ago at the museum.The other is the obiturary of Horatio Powell James Powell son in which it talk a little about James Powell. James Powell was my grandmothers grandfather

    By Ruth Gentile (06/11/2021)
  • Hello all,
    I am searching For my grandmas house!
    It was owned by my grandparents, Ellen and Walter BOWERS. My great grandma lived in the adjoins guest house!
    They lived there all of there lives and my darling Grandma ran a boarding home for many people pre-war and post war! They lived there until end of the 70s 80’s before leaving for Lowestoft.
    My mother grew up there and attended a Coventry school ran by nuns
    My mother and father were married at the church there.

    I spent my youth growing up there and have the most amazing memories!

    Unfortunately, in 1960 my eldest brother, aged just 2 drowned in the sea There and is buried in the cemetery there!
    My grandmas maiden name was KNOTT, English cricket captain, Alan knott has a lane named after him and my grandfathers great uncle was none other than Lt’Birdie BOWERS and was on the Scott expedition where they all

    I am desperate to spend time down there and would love nothing more than to make contact with a local historian to help me locate their beautiful home ‘cliff house’ or ‘house on the cliff’
    A very dear friend of my grandma who went by the name of DODO was the most amazing guy and my brother learnt so much from him. He went onto marry Mrs Mallow the village doctor.
    There was a petting zoo just down the hill and right onto a lane!

    I cannot put into words how much this would mean to me to visit memory lane

    Many thanks for taking the time to read my message and I do so hope you can help

    By Susan Elizabeth white (23/07/2020)

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