Advertising booklet for St Margaret's Bay Hotel. 1930s

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  • Dear Richard
    Many apologies for the late response. Thank you for the photos which I have been able to download. Lovely to have both and I don’t think we knew the builder. He must have been rather miffed about the war damage coming so soon after the building extension. The company tried to rebuild it after the war but did not succeed.
    Thank you
    Christine Waterman
    St Margaret’s History Society

    By Christine Waterman (27/07/2022)
  • My grandfather Thomas Amery and my father Reginald Amery built the extensions to this hotel around 1937. Here is a link to the before and after photos of the extensions, and my Grandfathers business card at the time. Please feel free to copy these photos to your web site, if this is of interest, before link expires 1st July 2022!Aub8TTNGUEUvtZQqpjXizF-jKtjWuA?e=dyh0Vn

    By Richard Amery (19/06/2022)

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