Annie Sharpe and Bockhill Farm

Emily Annie Sharpe, known as Annie, lived in St Margaret's all her life and was a leading light in the village Red Cross and in the local RSPCA. The archive has a good collection of photos of and by Annie which are shown here. She died in 1980.
Annie was born in 1895,daughter of Richard Sharpe and Emily Sharpe who farmed at Bockhill Farm from at least 1911. She had a younger brother Ernest. Annie was born at Guston. After the Sharpes gave up the farm they lived at 'Collis' in the Droveway.
At least one of the family was a keen photographer and there are some lovely photos of pre war farming at Bockhill, of Annie as one of the village Red Cross nurses, and many of the photos also show her love of animals. She never married, and left a legacy to the Dover RSPCA which enabled them to refurbish their offices.
We don't know who everyone in the photos is but there is a good chance most if not all are of village residents. If you can help us to identify anyone we would be very pleased!

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