Village WW2 shelling and bombing sites

This collection is made up of six maps showing WW2 bombing and shelling and aircraft crash sites in St Margaret's. It was created in 2014 by Alan Poole and Clive Hall, two volunteer researchers who have used information from the Village Archive to map the locations where enemy bombs and shells fell from 1939-45. British, German and American plane crash sites are also marked.
The notes with each map have been prepared by Alan and Clive
The six maps are dated as follows

A composite 1939-45 map

Source Material
The main source material used for the maps were the St Margaret's ARP Log books, transcribed by our Hon. Archivist Ruth Nicol. These logs record every event and incident in the village during the war. Only the 'hits' with map references have been plotted on the maps. The final tally on the 1939-45 map is 329 bombs and 2162 shells and 23 aircraft crashes. This is far more than was stated at the end of the war and is probably still an underestimate of the full total.
The maps took a year to prepare and involved the cracking of a secret map reference code which had been used, it appears, uniquely in the village, in the first years of the war.
Thanks to..
We would like to thank Ruth Nicol, John Guy,Geoff Cant, Charles Wheeler of the Charles Close Society, Dover Library and Corporal Scott Vickery of the Royal Engineers for their help with this project.
Our very particular thanks also to Alan Poole and Clive Hall who have spent hundreds of painstaking hours creating these maps and who have now donated them to the Village Archive.

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