Memorials in St Margaret at Antioch Church and graveyard

This collection is in the course of being added to the site and includes a description and photograph of all the graves which can be identified in the churchyard of St Margaret at Antioch, the Parish Church of the village. The churchyard is closed and no longer receives burials. Not every person buried in the graveyard had a memorial, and there are many in the burial registers whose grave cannot be located. There was also substantial damage to the graveyard in WW2 which destroyed many graves and memorials.
However, when completed, there will be over 700 photographs here of graves with descriptions.
Camilla Harley checked and updated all the information about graves in the churchyard from a number of different sources to provide the most up to date list possible up to 2015.
Dawn Sedgwick photographed every grave which could be identified in 2016/17.
Frank Andrews, one of our archive volunteers is painstakingly combining the information onto this site on a weekly basis.
Our thanks to all three for this very large and useful piece of work.
Our thanks also to the St Margaret's PCC for allowing us to put these records on our website.

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