Local men and boats on St Margaret's Bay beach.19thc

Fishermen and boats on St Margaret's Bay beach.19thc

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  • Leigh Prideaux is it possible that your great great grandmother Eleanor Rayner Powell is also my great great grandmother. My grandmothers name was Sarah Raynor Powell and as far as I know James was only married once. My grandmothers middle name was Raynor .I will post a picture of my grandmother this week on this site .If you want I can leave you my email .Ruth

    By Ruth Gentile Skrypiuk (15/01/2022)
  • I use my maiden name on the wed.Ruth Skrypiuk nee Gentile

    By Ruth Skrypiuk (07/11/2021)
  • I will post a picture of Horatio Powells obituary it has some info on his father James Powell who is my great great grandfather.My grandmothers name was Sarah Rayner Powell.Funny how the name Rayner has popped up again on this site

    By Ruth Gentile (06/11/2021)
  • Thanks for letting me know. By chance I have recently been looking at the history of Street Farm which James Powell farmed for many years and have just added a bit of additional info to the photo. If you have any photos of James or his family I would love to see them

    By Christine Waterman (21/04/2021)
  • James was the 2nd husband of my great great grandmother Eleanor Rayner née Marsh born c1818.

    By Leigh Prideaux (15/04/2021)
  • Many thanks for helping us to pin down the date. I have been doing some work on James Powell lately in connection with his farm, Street Farm, now replaced by Knoll Court, in the middle of the village.

    By Christine Waterman (14/04/2021)
  • I think this photo was perhaps taken around or before 1890. James Powell died in 1890 aged 74 and James Hammond died 1896 born c1819. Edward Gage was born c1816.

    By Leigh Prideaux (06/04/2021)

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