Gordon Denoon Album

This is an album of over 300 photos of the village taken or collected between 1910 and 1980 by Gordon Denoon. It appears on the website by kind permission of his grandson Ian Glendinning who owns the copyright of these photos.
Gordon Denoon loved St Margarets and was a regular visitor here from 1910 when he first came on holiday to the village with his parents. Although he never lived here as a resident Gordon's annual trips were one of the highlights of his life and he took many photos of the village and the bay, recording changes and events both in the life of his family and the village. Of particular interest are his photos of the Bay after the war including the building of our modern sea defences and of the Cliffe Hotel where he often stayed.
The archive also holds an unpublished manuscript by Gordon 'The Saga of St Margaret's' containing his memories of the village.
St Margaret's Histoey Society would like to thank both the Glendinning family for sharing this remarkable collection with us and our archive volunteer Chris Little for scanning and cataloguing this large collection of images.

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